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Welcome to our website! We are pleased to have this blog that will focus on everything from the history of France, restaurant events, new dishes, and delicious French recipes you can make at home. We want you to be part of understanding French food culture. Appreciating what regions in France our dishes come from makes eating French cuisine so much more enjoyable! If you would like to read more detail about the foods of Provence, check out this great site with extensive dishes from Provence region.

provenceareaoffranceHistory of the Provence Region

The Provence region sits in southeastern France. Created by the Romans, it has now been part of the French nation for over 500 years. It has a very specific cultural identity, with many of the population speaking a distinct French dialect.

The climate of Provence is dry and warm. The landscape is quite rocky and the soil is not good for mass agriculture (except inside the Rhone Valley). The coast of provence is home to a  large selection of locally caught seafood. Olives and olive oil are one of the main ingredients in Provence cuisine. Garlic is grown and used much as well. Grapes, melons, strawberries, peaches, apricots and cherries are the main fruits of the region.

Because of the rocky surface in provence, it’s very good for raising sheeps and goats, so you will find a lot of that type of meat in dishes there, as well as cheese made from goats milk.

As far as the types of seafood, you’ll find ┬ásardines, octopus, rockfish, and sea urchins. Rouget and Loup are also two types of grilled fish found on menus in the region. They are usually grilled over grapevines, which adds a very distinct flavor to the fish.

Dishes of Provence

While discussing every food from provence would be way to long for this post, I’ll just mention two of my favorite dishes here, and then touch more on others in later blog posts.

bouillabaisse provenceBouillabaisse – One of the most popular seafood dishes of Provence, this dish is a stew where the fish is served after the soup part of the dish. The original version of this recipe is made with conger, scorpion fish, and sea robin. Other seafood that can accompany this dish is monkfish, crabs, and sea urchins. Flavored with saffron, sage, thyme, and basil, and a base made of tomato and onion, this makes for incredible fare for seafood lovers.


daube from provenceDaube – This is a stew made from beef sliced into small squares. The beef is braised in wine, garlic, and different vegetables, and the spice called herbes de provence, which gives a bit of a smokey flavor. Some versions of the dish also use olives and prunes, lavender and cloves. Daube is cooked in different stages, which each stage cooled for a day or so for the flavor to acquiesce.


Have I made you hungry yet! These two dishes as well as a host of others can be found on our daily menu. So please feel free to stop by and taste these deliciously prepared foods. Please contact me if you have any questions.

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